Google Bard cannot generate ELEPHANT from jumbled words; ChatGPT scores

 When Google Bard was provided with jumbled words, it failed miserably.

Question: "find dictionary word from the letter aeelpthn"


"There is no English dictionary word that can be formed using only the letters "aeelpthn". The OED, which is the most comprehensive English dictionary, does not contain any words that match these letters.

The closest word I can find is "athelete", which has 7 letters and uses all of the letters you provided. However, it is missing the letter "n".

If you are willing to consider words that contain the letters "aeelpthn" but also other letters, then there are a few more options. These words include:

  • inept
  • petal
  • pentathlon
  • telepathy
  • theta

These words are all relatively rare, but they are all valid English words."

Same question, asked to ChatGPT

Question: find dictionary word from the letter aeelpthn

Answer: "Given the letters "aeelpthn," you can create different dictionary words by rearranging these letters. Here are some words that can be formed using those letters:

  1. elephant
  2. pleasant
  3. haplont
  4. plant
  5. plane
  6. panel
  7. lathe
  8. paten
  9. aleph
  10. plate
  11. panel
  12. plane
  13. nap
  14. tap
  15. net
  16. tan
  17. hat
  18. pea
  19. ale
  20. pen

These are just some examples, and there might be more words you can create based on the context or specific dictionary you are using."


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