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Delete duplicate values in a column using MySQL

You could have faced a situation where you have huge number of records and have to remove the duplicate entries (like duplicate email id) from it, if you have worked with data import. Of course you could do it programmatically, but you could do it faster using the Database itself.

Rename Database in MySQL

MySQL had supported renaming Database in some earlier versions, but due to some security issues it was removed. So, if you create a Database, you do not have a command to directly rename it. There is a workaround though so that you need not create and populate all the tables to the new database.

Science at Mobile, Joint Initiative of IGNOU and Vigyan Prasar for Science Popularisation through Mobile

IGNOU and Vigyan Prasar have jointly started a new initiative to popularise science through SMS. The services provided by the science@mobile are free of cost to all the users. Interested people can subscribe free of cost mobile content on science and related areas including Science News, Important Days and Events, Science facts, Science Humor, Science Quotes, About Scientists, Health Tips, Green Tips. Register your mobile number in the site :  for receiving SMS. There is an option to set SMS delivery on a daily/weekly basis for all sections.