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Chameleon appeared near my office. Not seen before.

***UPDATE*** I was informed by my cousin that it is a native of Kerala, but itz camouflage is too good that it seldom catches our eye. I happened to see a chameleon that I have seen only in TV, near my office. Didn't know this existed in Kerala.

Automate Tortoise SVN update in Windows

As a developer you will be experienced with SVN for source control in collaborative development environment. One of the popular clients for SVN in Windows is Tortoise SVN. You can right click in the SVN folder and update the contents of the folder from SVN. But, when you have a number of SVN folder, will it be a good idea to automate the SVN so that your files are in sync always. You will need to create a batch (.bat) file for this process. It is very simple.

Create multiple website in IIS 5 using command (adsutil.vbs) in Admin Scripts

I am blogging this for my reference. I had spend almost a day to find this. In newer versions of IIS you do not need the help of this command, you can right-click a website on the IIS and create a new website. If you are using IIS 5, you will find this command helpful to clone a website. Steps