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Unicode font for the new symbol of Indian Rupee

Finally Indian Rupee  ( ` ) got a symbol. On July 15th 2010, the winner of the contest was announced and the new symbol of Indian Rupee was shown to the world.  The symbol is derived from a combination the Devanagari letter ‘र’ and English letter ‘R’. The font can be downloaded here . Installation instructions Unzip the zip file to C:\temp folder. Open Control Panel -> Fonts Select File->Install New Font...  In the new window, under Folders, select c:\temp The font will be listed in the 'List of fonts:' box. Click the font name and click 'OK', the font will be installed in your machine. Using the font In MS Word (or other word processing or similar applications), select the font 'Rupee Foradian' in the font list. To type the character, use the '~' key (top left key above 'Tab').