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Hide notification content in Android lock screen for Messages, email, whatsapp and selected apps.

 Notification in lock screen is helpful to get an idea about the content. But for sensitive information like OTP it will be disastrous.  The feature to selectively hide content in the notification is available in Android. This example is based on Android v.13 and Samsung One UI v.5.0 Follow the steps to selectively disable notification content in the lock screen.

Extend the life of Dell laptop battery massively by customizing charging

The battery is one of the component that gets degraded very quickly in the electronic devices. Some of the mobile phones are providing the battery protection which limits the charging once the battery reaches 85%. This is because the last 15% takes more effort to charge and will reduce the battery life. When coming to the case of laptop, if you usually plug it in while working, then the battery will tend to reach 100% and then stop the charging. So, if the battery charge is 90% and then you plug in, it will charge to 100%. If you don't usually need to work on a battery, we can avoid this charging by limiting the charging until the battery is discharged to a particular level. In the Dell Laptop, the Dell Power app helps in achieving this.