Google Bard cannot generate ELEPHANT from jumbled words; ChatGPT scores

 When Google Bard was provided with jumbled words, it failed miserably. Question: " find dictionary word from the letter aeelpthn " Answer: " There is no English dictionary word that can be formed using only the letters "aeelpthn". The OED, which is the most comprehensive English dictionary, does not contain any words that match these letters. The closest word I can find is "athelete", which has 7 letters and uses all of the letters you provided. However, it is missing the letter "n". If you are willing to consider words that contain the letters "aeelpthn" but also other letters, then there are a few more options. These words include: inept petal pentathlon telepathy theta These words are all relatively rare, but they are all valid English words. " Same question, asked to ChatGPT Question: find dictionary word from the letter aeelpthn Answer: " Given the letters "aeelpthn," you can create different dictionary wo

Hide notification content in Android lock screen for Messages, email, whatsapp and selected apps.

 Notification in lock screen is helpful to get an idea about the content. But for sensitive information like OTP it will be disastrous.  The feature to selectively hide content in the notification is available in Android. This example is based on Android v.13 and Samsung One UI v.5.0 Follow the steps to selectively disable notification content in the lock screen.

Extend the life of Dell laptop battery massively by customizing charging

The battery is one of the component that gets degraded very quickly in the electronic devices. Some of the mobile phones are providing the battery protection which limits the charging once the battery reaches 85%. This is because the last 15% takes more effort to charge and will reduce the battery life. When coming to the case of laptop, if you usually plug it in while working, then the battery will tend to reach 100% and then stop the charging. So, if the battery charge is 90% and then you plug in, it will charge to 100%. If you don't usually need to work on a battery, we can avoid this charging by limiting the charging until the battery is discharged to a particular level. In the Dell Laptop, the Dell Power app helps in achieving this.

UX issues in the NextGen mParivahan app

 The NextGen mParivahan app by NIC is a great companion so we don't need to carry the Registration Certificate and Driving License with us. In addition, we can share the RC that we own to another user for a period of time. A user can add a Virtual Driving License and can use it as a valid document. But the usability issue is when trying to add a Virtual Driving License. The Date of Birth needs to be selected. Clicking on this field brings up a calendar in which a date can be selected.  This is a great inconvenience and this can be improved if the developers have considered the following points. Nobody can get a driving license in India before the age of 18. So, there is no need to default to the current date. There are still lot of citizens who are born before 1960 and does have a valid DL. These old people will need to scroll all the way back to 60 years (60 x 12 = 720 clicks!) to reach at their DOB. Instead of this calendar, they must have chosen a calendar which can select the

Fixed: SONY Bravia Android TV with in-built wifi not connecting to Internet and no access to YouTube, Netflix, Disney Hotstar

SONY Bravia Android TV with in-built wifi sometimes shows that the connected network does not have Internet. You will see that if you connect to the same network with any other device you are able to access Internet without any issues.  This is because the time of the TV is set to the earlier date and the TV is not getting the latest time. To fix this issue, Go to Settings in TV. Open Date/Time settings. Select Automatic time update and select the option 'Get Time from Network'. Now after you save this, the time in the TV will be synced with the network time and you will be able to use apps like YouTube, Netflix, Disney Hotstar etc without any issues.

The names that now brings a different picture than 20 years ago

Many names that appear to bring an image in our memory have been changed in the last few years. Here are a collection of few of them. Old Image Name New Image Fruit Apple Apple Inc. Fragrance Musk Elon Musk, Enterpreneur Old Phone Phone iPhone Old Radio Radio Android Radio App Nicola Tesla, Inventor Tesla Tesla - Automobile Cloth Zipper ZIP Winzip/Winrar software World Map MAP Google Maps

How can we use the main balance to recharge a Vodafone-Idea number? LATEST UPDATE 2019 October

If you have enough balance in your main account for your Vodafone-Idea prepaid connection, you can use the amount to recharge your account to extend validity. This way you need not spend money recharging if you have enough balance in account which you may not be able to use otherwise. If you use *121# you will see a list of tariff and offers, but you cannot go ahead with recharging. To recharge your phone, you can use the USSD code *150*199# For the above mentioned code, at the time of writing this post, you will get 1.5GB data, unlimited calls and 100 sms for 28 days. The availability of the short code will depend on your connection, so you can try similar combinations like *150*149#, *150*245# etc. Enjoy! NOTE: If you dial this code, your main balance will immediately get deducted and the new pack will be activated.