Hide notification content in Android lock screen for Messages, email, whatsapp and selected apps.

 Notification in lock screen is helpful to get an idea about the content. But for sensitive information like OTP it will be disastrous. 

The feature to selectively hide content in the notification is available in Android.

This example is based on Android v.13 and Samsung One UI v.5.0

Follow the steps to selectively disable notification content in the lock screen.

First enable notification content in lock screen.

Go to Settings -> Notifications

Click Lock screen notifications

Disable Hide content

Now all the content will be displayed for all apps in lock screen.

Then hide the notification content for apps individually. This example is for Messages app.

Open Messages app and click the 3 dot (Kebab) menu.

Open Settings

Scroll down to the Notifications

Click 'Hide content on Lock screen

Now, the content of the message notification will be hidden in the lock screen. Repeat this for other apps.


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