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Danger from Space Debris

As man had reached to outer space, so do the waste. Now the amount of space debris had reached to a serious level that UN had issued a warning about them causing danger to space flights. Space debris often are created by the remains of rockets, parts of satellites and even defunct satellites. Recently, an Iridium communication satellite had collided with a defunct Russian satellite above Sibera. The Iridium communication satellite was a part of the 66 satellites that are used to provide satellite communication.  The debris that fall to earth usually get burned out in outer atmosphere itself, but some metals like Ti will not be burned out and can cause damage to earthly objects. In years to come the amount of debris will only increase which will create considerable safety problems to the ISS.

Relaunched my site

Finding time for updating my site was a bit difficult. But I have completed the homepage and projects page of my new site and uploaded as per schedule.  If we have to find time for something, then you will. After all, all the great achievers had 24 hours a day.

QR (Quick Response codes)

You have seen about barcodes. They provide with basic information about a product. Now comes the QR (Quick Response) code that can store lot more information. QR code is having a matrix structure or can be called as a two-dimensional barcode. QR code is open and we can create one by visiting one of the free code generating sites.


I just had a quick search on the Polar satellites and Geo stationary satellites.  PSLV is used to launch satellites to Polar orbits. That means the satellite passes above or nearly above both the poles. Also, these satellites passes over a point in earth at the same local time. for eg:, the satellite passes over any point in earth at 1 P.M local time. They are usually used for earth mapping, observation and some weather data collection. GSLV is used to launch satellites to Geo stationary orbits.  Geo stationary orbits means the satellite's orbit will be directly above the equator and will have a period or revolution equal to the period of rotation of earth. The orbit will be roughly 35,786 km above equator. They are usually used for Satellite communications, weather data collection and GPS.

Google's explanation to the "This site may harm your computer" on every search result error that occurred yesterday

Google's explanation to the "This site may harm your computer" on every search result error that occurred yesterday
a good feature in search. Want wallpapers that fit your current resolution ? Search images in and refine search by size -> Desktop.

Hello World!

Hello World! Wow! The same old Hello World!. So, I have started blogging.... :-) more to come...