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How to show blurry images first and then progressively show clear image

Interlaced Normal We have a slow net connection and when we browse our site we can see that the images are loaded line by line from top to bottom. We can change this behaviour by saving the image as Progressive (jpeg) or Interlaced (gif). We can achieve this using GIMP or there are lot of free image editing softwares out there. The Interlaced image will have a bit more size than normal image, but the user will have a better experience. Try loading the two images in different window and see the difference. The Interlaced image will first load the whole image, but the image will be blurred. This will get sharper and finally the clearer image will be displayed. In case of normal image, the section of image loaded will be sharp, but the whole image will not be loaded at once.

Sava CMS - first impression

I tried setting up SAVA CMS standard in my machine. The installation was very easy. Just gave the required setup mappings in the ColdFusion administrator and DataBase and the site was up. The WYSIWYG editor is cool to use. I tried creating inner pages and links. They are displaying very nice. It even creates a bread crumbs. Try uploading items to Gallery. It will display very neatly. Click on the item, you can see the implementation of Shadow box. The team have surely done a nice work in bringing SAVA CMS.

Free ColdFusion CMS

Sava has released a free CMS in ColdFusion. More details after I try it...

Even adobe don't test site properly

See the screengrab from on April 02, 2009. The commented out code is not proper....