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Create Database Stored Procedures to search fields in any combination (MS SQL)

Consider a table tblStaff as follows id name age departmentID 1 Prasanth 30 1 2 Martin 25 5 3 Abdul 30 7 4 Kiran 30 1 We can write stored procedues to get the details according to any of the fields or a combination of the fields.

Google chopped off J&K from INDIA !!!

I was really shocked to see that J&K was not included in the map of INDIA that Google show in Analytics. The state is not given to any other country, thank God. Some time before, a part of the state was shown as disputed territory. Now, they have totally cut-off them from INDIA. This is the screen shot of what I saw just now in "" site. I believe the Government should ask Google to stop showing these type of maps. Map of INDIA without J&K


This is from a mail forward I got from my friend. I'm not sure if this is real, but the idea is not fun. We are living in a world where you mostly judge people by their appearance and their behavior. I have seen many group of people wearing all sorts of modern fashion (let them believe it...) and creating noise in public places. But when you single out a person and ask, he might be from a not-so-high-funda family, but showing all this stuff just to be in the company of one or two of their millionaire friends... In their company they do all sorts of mischief, knowing that it is wrong. They race their cars in public roads, spend money unnecessarily, waste food and like. But, coming to the point, wasting resources, we also do this, knowingly or un-knowingly at some point. Try to limit your resource utilization, because there are many out there who are not able to get food at least once a day. now read on... Below is a note written by an Anonymous visitor to Germany.