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Enable Home screen rotation on Android Marshmallow

Google allows Android phone users to have the device home screen rotated to landscape. This feature is available for Android Marshmallow devices. To enable rotation of home screen, Go to Settings -> Google -> Search & Now. Under Home screen, enable 'Allow rotation'. Of course, you need to have the 'Auto-rotate' enabled for this to work. To enable Auto-rotation, swipe down from the top part of the screen to reveal Quick Settings and click the icon named 'Portrait'. If you have already enabled rotation, the icon will be named 'Auto-rotate' and you need not do anything here.

An easy way to get Free Malayalam Calendar in your Android devices

Image Just send a mail from your Gmail account (synced in your Android device) with subject Calendar Subscription to The calendar will be activated on your default calendar app. No Download Necessary Hurry If you have an iPhone, see the instructions in this link to get the Malayalam Calendar in your device. iPhone Instructions If you like to do it yourself, please see the instructions in the link below: Android Instructions Send your comments and suggestions through the comments box. *** UPDATE - 20-June-2016 *** Samsung Phone users, the Calendar may not work properly with S Planner app that come pre-installed with certain Samsung models. Please download Google calendar app from Play store to use the Malayalam Calendar.