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Working with large numbers in ColdFusion

I just thought of sharing my friend's experience with managing large numbers using ColdFusion. They got an assignment that will manipulate numbers and things seem good at first. When the numbers started getting larger(20 digits), we had a problem. In CF, the limit of Integer is -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647 (32-bit signed integers) and the calculations started giving unexpected results. After quite a bit of Googling and posting in forums, they got the solution from a user in the Adobe forums. It is to use the Java Math object and convert the number to BigInteger. Here is the code:

Adobe Flex launch event at Kochi (KADUG)

I got the opportunity to attend the Adobe Flex launch event at Kochi, thanks to @Juwalbose , @Jerrydon and others. They made it happen. After the first meeting of GOD s a few months ago which I was not able to attend, they should have worked really hard to organize this event. I was really happy to see my ex-colleagues and of course, my friends at GODs and twitter. This was the first time I met them in person. I got new friends too from this event. It was nice meeting them. I reached a bit early for the event and got some time to chat with others. @Harish Sivaramakrishnan did the first presentation about Flex . Even though he reached a bit late due to a delay of his flight, the wait was worth. I was amazed to see the new capabilities of Flex builder . The developer does not even have to touch the code to achieve something, and that too like creating a full fledged video player !. Awesome. I had moved away from Flex development around 1 year ago, but seeing his presentation I ser

My experience with Apple Macintosh

I had earlier used the Mac in office for a few times for testing. That was for a very short time. For the last one week I had been using solely a Mac after moving to iPhone development. The one I had is a mac mini with Intel processor. Having seen those bulky Windows PCs I always wondered how Apple managed to pack all the stuff like DVD drive, USB, blue tooth, firewire, wi-fi etc in such a small cute box. It is irrestible to explore the facilities in a mac. The display, animation, performance... everything is awesome. I liked the way the user interface and the applications are managed. The speed each application is launching is something that can be dreamed of in Windows PCs. The Spotlight facility to search is the one MS has copied to its Windows 7. There is elegance in a mac.

BSNL complaint online registration for Broadband/Telephone

One of my friends gave me this link to register complaint about BSNL service. I had a complaint with my broadband connection that it became slow and started to drop frequently. I registered a complaint in this page and within 1 hr got a call from the exchange. Now, after 2 hours, they came to my home and fixed the problem. Hope everyone using BSNL could avail this facility.