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iPhone users join hands with hackers. What does this mean to us iPhone developers?

Recently it was in the news that ‘Chronic Dev hacker team’ created an app for intercepting error messages sent from iPhone and send it to their team so that they can dig into them to find some bug. This bug can be utilized to create an efficient Jail break for the iPhone. It is reported that the users response had been overwhelming that "In the first couple of days after CDevreporter   is released   they received about twelve million crash reports”. Does this mean a good number of iPhone users are willing to have a Jail break iPhone? Let us try to dig deeper into this.

CSV and SYLK file.

We used to export data in the form of .csv file that is one of the easiest formats available. A .csv file can be opened in even Notepad and if it is opened in Microsoft Excel, you can perform calculation with the numbers also. When you open a certain .csv file, Microsoft Excel may show an error that the file is a SYLK file and confirm to open it. Once you confirm it will show error that 'SYLK: File format is not valid'. If you try to open the same file in Notepad or Wordpad you will not see any issue with the data. The problem actually lies with Microsoft Excel. If the first two characters of the file are the uppercase letters "I" and "D", then MS Excel will consider the file as SYLK file and if you try to open it with MS Excel it will show error as the file is not actually an SYLK file. Solution: Open the file in notepad and change the first two characters of the file to lower case, if they are I and D. So, 'ID' will change to 'id'.

Integrating Open Search to your site

I had created a demo for integrating Open Search to web pages. Here is the link to the working demo for Open Search.