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Stereogram and how to decode it

Stereogram is one of the interesting stuffs I found in my school days. One of my cousins got a book that has high quality print of different cross-eye stereogram. I took couple of hours trying to find out how to decode it and now I can decode most of them in seconds. I thought of writing about this as most of my friends had not seen this or are not aware of how to decode it. Today I checked the net and I found a lot of stuff regarding this and even an online Stereogram creator !. Well, to make it simple, quote from  Wikipedia  says "A stereogram is an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional image or images.". That is you have a image with patterns. If you look at it in a special way, you can see a three-dimensional object that is created using this pattern. How to view stereogram To view a stereogram image you need to look beyond the picture! Make sure your head is straight and your eyes are level with the picture. You then need to de-focus your ey