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OpenSearch - enabling your site with OpenSearch

You must have seen list of search engines in mozilla search bar (usually to the right end after address bar). There are a list of sites like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia on the list from which we can choose the default search engine. These sites are OpenSearch enabled. The Mozilla browser can directly send search queries from the search bar to these sites. There are lot of sites which are OpenSearch enabled. We can easily identify a site is OpenSearch by looking at the arrow icon on the search bar in Mozilla. If the site is OpenSearch enabled, there will be glow for the arrow icon You can click the arrow to see the option "Add " so that the search the site will also get listed in the search engine list. You can search that site by directly entering the search term on the mozilla browser search box and selecting the site from the list of search engines. More details, the demo and how to enable OpenSearch on the following link

Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

blog of Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

SAAS and other online free services - How to save your data remotely and access from anywhere?

The new model of software application development cannot ignore the methodology of SAAS that is beneficial for both the customers and companies. In SAAS method, you only pay for what you use, unlike buying the whole suite of applications in which you rarely use options other than a few. If you get MS Office as a SAAS app, you can pay for the Excel or Word and only for the time you use. Coming to the main point of this blog post, “How to save your data remotely and access from anywhere?” I remember the time around 10 years back when I bought my first PC. The Internet was available only for the elite community at a premium and that too dialup. We have to literally pray for the connection to get successful and pray more for not getting disconnected in between. With a little over 8 kbps max speed, you can browse a lot of static sites and check your mails. Hotmail was the free service that give you 2 MB which was more than enough, and who was out there to spam you?