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*SOLVED* Submitting Form with more than 100 fields shows blank page in ColdFusion9, 10

ColdFusion 9 & 10 by default have a setting to allow maximum 100 fields to be submitted. If the number exceeds you will simply get a blank page with no error information. To fix this, you need to change a setting in Adobe CF 9 and 10. ColdFusion 9 Go to {ColdFusion-Home}/lib for Server Installation OR:  {ColdFusion-Home}/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib for  Multiserver or J2EE installation . Open file  neo-runtime.xml After the line:  <var name='postSizeLimit'><number>100.0</number></var> Add the line  <var name='postParametersLimit'><number>100.0</number></var> and change the number 100 to the required value. ColdFusion 10 Go to Server Settings -> Settings then the to Request Size Limits section. There is a setting called Maximum number of POST request parameters. Change this value as required. Source:

*FIXED* QuickBooks Integration Error - EDGE-CR-ERR-8090 - Auth ID does not exist

Integration with QuickBooks is easy if you know the OAuth flow. QuickBooks uses the OAuth 1.0 specification. They provide libraries for PHP, Java and other popular languages. For ColdFusion/Railo, you can use the OAuth implementation from .  Usually the error messages from QB are self-explanatory and are mostly related with Signature or the Access token/secret. This one particular error left us a bit embarrassed as there were no help available. But we quickly found it was a data issue.  The error while trying to retrieve data from QB is as follows:

How to by-pass Child Lock in Sun Direct set-top boxes

Sun Direct set-top boxes provides many features and like every other provider, their box also has a Child Lock to lock out channels you wish your children should not watch. But, there is an easy way to by-pass the lock and view channels without knowing the lock password. When you are on any channel that is locked, press the Favorite (yellow colored) button below the 4 way key on the Remote Control.  This will bring up the Favorite channel menu and at the same time, the channel that you are in will be view able. Happy watching I am writing this post so that the Sun Direct team will look into the matter and provide a software update to fix this solution.