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Pradakshinam Android app (Free) - List of Gods and Temples in Kerala - Second version now available

We have released the second version of our Android app "Pradakshinam". The app has the list of Gods and Temples in Kerala. We tried to make the app very lean and it is only 1.3 mB download size. The app has an extremely good offline data management facility and update new data from server automatically. As the app used offline data, you can use the app even if there is no connection to Internet. The app has information both in English and Malayalam which can be switched.

BSNL - Check Broad Band data left for the month

BSNL had provided the facility for Broadband users to check the current usage of data and data left in their account before the speed is reduced. The link have been removed recently, but you can check the remaining data in the following link while connected to the BSNL Broadband network: If the High speed data is exhausted for you for the month, you can use the Top-Up button to subscribe to more data which will be billed in the current billing cycle.

NiceAdmin and bootstrap-switch.js style issue - Fixed - No Style applied to switch

I have been Googling for a couple of days to find a solution to this issue. The NiceAdmin demo clearly show the BootStrapSwitch having styles applied, but using the same code and styles, it is not working on our server. Only I go this instead of the switch: I checked many solutions that are shown, but none of them worked. The error in JS is as below: TypeError: $(...).bootstrapSwitch is not a function $('.switch')['bootstrapSwitch']();