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A construction in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala that is visible from sky.

The Photos of Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple from Google Earth.

Easily viewable wallpaper

Sometimes the icons on your desktop will not be easily recognizable due to the color of wallpaper. Just try this method to blur the part of wallpaper where the icons appear. You can easily view the desktop icons without much effect on the wallpaper. Using Photoshop or GIMP, select a rectangular area where the icons come and apply Gaussian Blur. Now use this image as wallpaper and see the difference. 

Eco friendly printing

Why not save ink while printing? Here is the Eco friendly font that is designed specially to save ink. It is free to download and use. Tip: If you are using mono laser printer, another way to save ink is to change the font color to red. This will reduce the amount of ink used while printing.

Printer friendly page

Usually we see links in web pages to show another version of page that is printer friendly. But, we can create a page such that it will display correctly in browser, but while printing, we can decide which all content to be printed. This is achieved with CSS. The method is simple. You create a style sheet such that the content that you do not want to appear in print will be given the attribute 'display:none'. This style sheet is add to you page with an additional attribute media="print". So, when the user choose to print the page, this style sheet will be considered and the content that are given the display:none attribute will be hidden.

'Simple' difference between Proprietory and Free software

See the two images from Visual Studio and Eclipse. While Studio tells 'Close all but this', Eclipse simply tells 'Close Others'.

IT magazine stops print edition

The magazine I.T from the efy group had sent out his last print issue. In the editorial of the Mar 2009 issue they have informed the subscribers about their decision to stop print and move entirely to web which will be available for free. The existing users will get an option to get a refund of the remaining subscription amount or switch to another magazine from the group.

Flash Movie always on top in browser

If you happen to embed a Flash / Flex .swf file in a HTML page and also put a full screen Div over the content, you could probably see that the flash file is on top of the Div even though you set the z-index of the Div. The solution is simple. Add the wmode param while setting the swf Object to the page. This will make the flash file appear below your Div.

IIS very slow after ColdFusion 8 service is stopped.

This is a technote from my experience. I had ColdFusion 8 server installed on my machine. After I stopped ColdFusion service (change to start manually) and restarted the machine, IIS was responding very slow. I was not aware that CF8 had created this issue. I tried to find the reason using the tools provided by Microsoft (DebugDiag.msi and ApplicationVerifier.x86.msi) and found that the JRun of CF server is making the IIS unresponsive. The solution was simple. Just start the CF server service on the machine and IIS will be back to normal.