Malayalam calendar in iPhone without using App.

Get Malayalam calendar on your iPhone default calendar without using any app. See important dates and star signs on the calendar.

If you need instructions to use the calendar in Android, click here.

Go to Settings in iPhone and click 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'.

In the next screen, click Add Account.

In the Add Account Screen, select 'Other' link in the bottom of the screen.

Select 'Add Subscribed Calendar' in the next screen.

In the 'Subscription' screen that opens, enter the following link in the 'Server' Text box and click next.

You have now subscribed to the Malayalam Calendar. Remember to turn on the 'Remove Alarms' and click Done.


Unknown said…
Error showing while adding this
Cannot connect using SSL
Hi, please send the details of the iPhone and iOS version on which you are getting this error.
Unknown said…

Sorry I was out of town, my phone is Iphone 6 with iOS 9.0.2
Anonymous said…
Please try copying the link directly from Safari.
Unknown said…
It is working now , do you have the new calendar for 2016
Of course, the calendar is now updated till June 2016.
Complete calendar for 2016 is now available.
Malayalam Calendar for 2017 is now available. If you are facing any issues please mail to
Hellan said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Hi, can you please update for 2018. Thank you
Ginu said…
Hi can you please update for 2018
Malayalam calendar till August 2020 is available now.
Malayalam calendar until December 2021 is now available for all subscribers.

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