UX issues in the NextGen mParivahan app

 The NextGen mParivahan app by NIC is a great companion so we don't need to carry the Registration Certificate and Driving License with us. In addition, we can share the RC that we own to another user for a period of time.

A user can add a Virtual Driving License and can use it as a valid document. But the usability issue is when trying to add a Virtual Driving License. The Date of Birth needs to be selected. Clicking on this field brings up a calendar in which a date can be selected. 

This is a great inconvenience and this can be improved if the developers have considered the following points.

  1. Nobody can get a driving license in India before the age of 18. So, there is no need to default to the current date.
  2. There are still lot of citizens who are born before 1960 and does have a valid DL. These old people will need to scroll all the way back to 60 years (60 x 12 = 720 clicks!) to reach at their DOB.
  3. Instead of this calendar, they must have chosen a calendar which can select the year and date independently
At the time of this post, there is no way to enter the date manually, may be they will fix it in later version.


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