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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coldfusion 9 Installation issues with Windows 8

*** UPDATE : Adobe had since provided support for Windows 8 with Coldfusion 10. In my case I had to reinstall windows 8 to remove the Coldfusion 9 installation. ***

Adobe Coldfusion 9 is having installation issues on Windows 8. I upgraded my PC with Windows 7 having Coldfusion version 9.0.2 to Windows 8. When I tried to run the Coldfusion application I got errors in IIS so I tried to uninstall Coldfusion.

Here is the error that I received.

I again tried to install Coldfusion (ColdFusion_9_WWEJ_win64.exe), but it too failed with the following messages.

Hope Adobe will roll out updated installers and uninstallers for existing installation.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

jquery.wysiwyg.js - Fix to Problem with assigning URL to image in Internet Explorer

The jquery.wysiwyg.js plugin is working fine in FireFox. But when it is loaded in Internet Explorer, we are not able to set a link for the image. It shows an error "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'length': object is null or undefined jquery.wysiwyg.js, line 1 character 3646".

Monday, July 16, 2012

Why I don't like Facebook anymore

I do not intent to say that Facebook is not a good application. It is indeed a good application, but the usage pattern of people that I feel wrong. Again, this is solely based on my experience with Facebook.

Yes, I too am in Facebook and I still log in to it once or twice daily. Is Facebook doing any good to our life or is it making the already spoilt life that is addicted to computer and internet where we have automatic spell-checking, don't need to remember anything, can *undo* anything and made our life an open book? Well, I am not going into the level of spoiling the new technology done to our lives, but only concentrating on the Facebook and on the effects that I feel it made to the youth especially in my home state.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stop buffering Youtube Video and save data

Youtube videos are everywhere over the net. Anybody can embed the videos to their sites. We can go to the site, click 'Play' and view the video. There are chances that after a few seconds of viewing you find that you did not like the video and click 'Stop'. This will stop playing video, but will continue to buffer the data in the background adding to your data charges.
The best practice is to RIGHT CLICK anywhere inside the video and choose 'Stop download'. This will immediately stop buffering the rest of the video.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Delete duplicate values in a column using MySQL

You could have faced a situation where you have huge number of records and have to remove the duplicate entries (like duplicate email id) from it, if you have worked with data import. Of course you could do it programmatically, but you could do it faster using the Database itself.

Rename Database in MySQL

MySQL had supported renaming Database in some earlier versions, but due to some security issues it was removed. So, if you create a Database, you do not have a command to directly rename it. There is a workaround though so that you need not create and populate all the tables to the new database.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Science at Mobile, Joint Initiative of IGNOU and Vigyan Prasar for Science Popularisation through Mobile

IGNOU and Vigyan Prasar have jointly started a new initiative to popularise science through SMS. The services provided by the science@mobile are free of cost to all the users. Interested people can subscribe free of cost mobile content on science and related areas including Science News, Important Days and Events, Science facts, Science Humor, Science Quotes, About Scientists, Health Tips, Green Tips.

Register your mobile number in the site : for receiving SMS.

There is an option to set SMS delivery on a daily/weekly basis for all sections.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Google changes Blogger address from .com to per country basis

Google changed the web address of Blogger to per country basis ( is changed to It is learned that this change is for blocking access in individual countries.
More on BBC

Thursday, January 19, 2012

BSNL - Adding/Changing friends and family numbers

For reference

How to add/change friends and family numbers with BSNL (Kerala).

*** UPDATE 2:
BSNL have moved Kerala Circle users to new Intelligent Network. The new list of SMS and USSD codes are available here.


  1. FFM Oldnumber Newnumber to 53733 with charge of Rs.5/- to change a single number.
  2. Find your registered Friends and Family numbers - Dial *124#

You can have 5 numbers in the FF scheme of BSNL. For adding 5 numbers to FF, send an SMS to 53733 in the following format:
FFE<space>Number 1<space>Number 2<space>Number 3<space>Number 4<space>Number 5

You need to enter 5 numbers in the SMS. If not the request will be rejected. You will get a confirmation message once the request is accepted. Please save this message as you will need it for reference when changing the numbers.

You can change the numbers in FF scheme at any time. All you need is to send an SMS in the format specified for Add by replacing the number you want to change. All the other numbers should be the same. That is, if you want to change Number 3 to another number say, Number 10, the SMS will be like below:

FFE<space>Number 1<space>Number 2<space>Number 10<space>Number 4<space>Number 5

So the system will replace Number 3 with Number 10 and you will be charged for one number change. You can replace any numbers by this method.