Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to get FASTag on your car and pass through Toll plaza easily in all states in India #paytm #easy

The FASTag was introduced for electronic toll collection and thereby reducing the time for a single vehicle to complete the toll collection and move out in 3 seconds. Currently it is 30 seconds to 1 minute due to the human reasons.

In many states there are dedicated FASTag lane so you can pass through without any queue.

Banks provide FASTag and it is mandatory for new vehicles to install it for registration. But the Banks charge convenience fee + GST for the money loaded to the tag.
For already registered vehicles, the cost effective method is to buy FASTag from #PayTM. They doesn't charge convenience fee and you can use the money loaded in your account for both shopping and also paying toll.

To get the PayTM FASTag, you need to create an account on PayTM and buy FASTag from it. Now it is Rs. 500 for one.
Then they provide a link to upload your RC and Adhaar.
After the details are verified, you will be sent the FASTag to stick on your Car.
Now when you need to pass through a Toll, no need to carry cash and choose the FASTag enabled lane.
You will be granted exit in a few seconds. See video.

You just need to keep enough amount in PayTM and can go through the toll plazas quickly.
According to the Govt., there is a 7.5% cashback for the year 2017, 5% for the year 2018 and 2.5% for the year 2019 for toll payments through FASTag and the FASTag facility will be expanded to all toll plazas in India soon and possibly all will have dedicated lane.

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