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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adobe Flex launch event at Kochi (KADUG)

I got the opportunity to attend the Adobe Flex launch event at Kochi, thanks to @Juwalbose, @Jerrydon and others. They made it happen. After the first meeting of GODs a few months ago which I was not able to attend, they should have worked really hard to organize this event.
I was really happy to see my ex-colleagues and of course, my friends at GODs and twitter. This was the first time I met them in person. I got new friends too from this event. It was nice meeting them.

I reached a bit early for the event and got some time to chat with others. @Harish Sivaramakrishnan did the first presentation about Flex. Even though he reached a bit late due to a delay of his flight, the wait was worth. I was amazed to see the new capabilities of Flex builder. The developer does not even have to touch the code to achieve something, and that too like creating a full fledged video player !. Awesome. I had moved away from Flex development around 1 year ago, but seeing his presentation I seriously think of coming back to Flex :-).

Equal amazement was from new Photoshop CS5 from Adobe. @Juwalbose showed a video of new capabilities of Photoshop. The Intelligent fill is fantastic.

@Diana Kulke from Bridge-India who sponsored the event invited us to the Open Coffee event at Kochi. I hope to attend that too.

@Thasleem did a presentation on the new ColdFusion Builder and CF 9. It was nice to know about the new features Adobe has incorporated into their first ever ColdFusion IDE.

Later we had a few presentations on Action script.

I was lucky to get an Adobe Flash Platform T-Shirt after the event. They gave away a few T-shirts, notebooks and few pens. We took a couple of photos before we left.

This was a nice event and I hope they will organize more such events in future to share knowledge and get in touch with others in IT field.

*** UPDATE ***
This post won the blog contest for Adobe Flash Builder 4 / ColdFusion Builder 1.0 on #KADUG.