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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Electronic Waste - Reduce your footprint - Mobile Phones

I have seen products from manufacturers that look-alike a costly branded one. These products costs less (sometimes far cheaper) than the branded one, but an initial look and feel will be the same as the branded one.
Be it dress, shoes or Smart Phones.
But when considering long term usage, we are spending more with the cheaper products.

Take the case of Smart Phones (Apple iPhone does not need a comparison here!) You have the market leader Samsung and other Chinese made like Moto/Lenovo, Honor, Oppo, Lava etc.
They advertise the components used are faster and better than the market leader but costs half or less.

But, they are not durable. An accidental fall is just enough to kill them. Recently when Corning introduced the Gorilla Glass 5, they mentioned this variant is harder than the predecessor, but they don't have control over the Smart phone manufacturer on how it is integrated with the device. So, the health of the display depends in part on the housing that holds it.

If your phone comes with metal body, the phone is safer than those with plastic variants, with the same glass. And with more price, the build quality is more for the phone.

When it comes to usage, you are now dependent on your phone for all communications, email, whatsapp, SMS, FB... and consider the time you have spend to send the phone for replacement and going behind it. And also the cost involved. Think of your data security when the phone is in service.

The Storage is next. If the phone have limited Internal memory and you can expand the storage using external cards, you are compromising on performance. The Internal memory is much faster than the SD card.

Also, the cheaper ones tend to get slower overtime. This is true for high end models also, but the effect is considerably small. Just one component, when faulty cripples the entire functionality. And the chances are more for cheaper phones. Your phone become slower, hangs, restarts... Basically, we tell a device fails if it cannot perform the specified task.

In the end, you are forced to upgrade your phone within one year and you get meager amount for your existing one. If you are not that lucky, you might have already spend a few hundred bucks for an external battery pack, a broken display and a couple of services. And you have wasted your valuable time working with the service centers.

A majority of us have gone through these frustrating moments. When you are more dependent on a device, go for the best one. You don't have time to waste for getting things repaired frequently.

Just think and avoid adding to the ever increasing dangerous Electronic Waste.