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Thursday, January 19, 2012

BSNL - Adding/Changing friends and family numbers

For reference

How to add/change friends and family numbers with BSNL (Kerala).

*** UPDATE 2:
BSNL have moved Kerala Circle users to new Intelligent Network. The new list of SMS and USSD codes are available here.


  1. FFM Oldnumber Newnumber to 53733 with charge of Rs.5/- to change a single number.
  2. Find your registered Friends and Family numbers - Dial *124#

You can have 5 numbers in the FF scheme of BSNL. For adding 5 numbers to FF, send an SMS to 53733 in the following format:
FFE<space>Number 1<space>Number 2<space>Number 3<space>Number 4<space>Number 5

You need to enter 5 numbers in the SMS. If not the request will be rejected. You will get a confirmation message once the request is accepted. Please save this message as you will need it for reference when changing the numbers.

You can change the numbers in FF scheme at any time. All you need is to send an SMS in the format specified for Add by replacing the number you want to change. All the other numbers should be the same. That is, if you want to change Number 3 to another number say, Number 10, the SMS will be like below:

FFE<space>Number 1<space>Number 2<space>Number 10<space>Number 4<space>Number 5

So the system will replace Number 3 with Number 10 and you will be charged for one number change. You can replace any numbers by this method.