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Friday, September 3, 2010

Unicode font for the new symbol of Indian Rupee

Finally Indian Rupee (`) got a symbol. On July 15th 2010, the winner of the contest was announced and the new symbol of Indian Rupee was shown to the world.  The symbol is derived from a combination the Devanagari letter ‘र’ and English letter ‘R’.
The font can be downloaded here.

Installation instructions

  • Unzip the zip file to C:\temp folder.
  • Open Control Panel -> Fonts
  • Select File->Install New Font... 
  • In the new window, under Folders, select c:\temp
  • The font will be listed in the 'List of fonts:' box.
  • Click the font name and click 'OK', the font will be installed in your machine.

Using the font

  • In MS Word (or other word processing or similar applications), select the font 'Rupee Foradian' in the font list.
  • To type the character, use the '~' key (top left key above 'Tab').