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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Kerala Government - Links to various self government certificates

There are a lot of facilities provided online by the Government of Kerala so that the common man does not need to go to the various government offices.
Here are some of the links to various sites to get the certificates.

  1. Kerala Government Website:
    1. This site has links to various services.
  2. e-Services link:
    1. This link provides the list of all e-services available.
  3. Online Services:
  4. Registration department:
  5. Building Permit:
  6. Water authority bill payment:
  7. KSEB current bill payment:
  8. E-Treasury:
To obtain the services, you need to create an account with the site which is quick. You need to provide and email and mobile number. Link:

Passport services
  1. Passport application:
  2. NRI Passport application:

How to delete an app in iPhone while preserving the data? Offloading apps manually and automatically in iOS

The iOS have a feature that is called 'Offloading' app that can be used to delete the app and recover space, at the same time preserve the data and also the icon on the device itself.

You might have wondered why there is a small cloud symbol to the left side of the name of some of the apps. These apps are offloaded.

This comes very handy when you doesn't require some heavy apps once in a while. In that case you can offload the app when not required and restore from app store in one click.
Note: The app can be restored only if it is still available in app store.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Is India heading for a recession or is it the millennial being rational?

There is a slowdown in the automobile sector and the sales did not boost up during the festival season 2019. Even with the government providing stimulus, the car sales didn't pick up.
There is another news about " sells Rs 750 cr worth of premium smartphones; Flipkart sees 2X growth on day 1" (source). Well that is a whopping 750 crore just for the premium smartphone by one seller in one day. And the total sales would be very much higher this festive season.
So, can we consider the slow down in automobile sector as a sign of an economic slowdown?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

iOS 13.1 heats up iPhone

The iOS 13.1 was released recently and using the iPhone for a while makes it build temperature to the  area near the camera. This is the area where the microprocessor A10 chip is located.
So while it means the processor is working hard doing regular jobs, it is noted that the phone is heating up when the dark mode is enabled.
Using the phone with normal mode doesn’t appear to heat it too much.
I am monitoring the issue and will post an update soon.

After each update, most of the apps needs to be configured on first use. So, immediately after the update the apps will take more processing power to configure. After that things will return to normal.