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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

*SOLVED* Submitting Form with more than 100 fields shows blank page in ColdFusion9, 10

ColdFusion 9 & 10 by default have a setting to allow maximum 100 fields to be submitted. If the number exceeds you will simply get a blank page with no error information. To fix this, you need to change a setting in Adobe CF 9 and 10.
ColdFusion 9
  • Go to {ColdFusion-Home}/lib for Server Installation
  • OR: {ColdFusion-Home}/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib for Multiserver or J2EE installation.
  • Open file neo-runtime.xml
  • After the line: <var name='postSizeLimit'><number>100.0</number></var>
  • Add the line <var name='postParametersLimit'><number>100.0</number></var> and change the number 100 to the required value.
ColdFusion 10
Go to Server Settings -> Settings then the to Request Size Limits section. There is a setting calledMaximum number of POST request parameters. Change this value as required.